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Poggio Bbaranèllo - Il Sole Bacia I Belli (LIMITED EDITION)

Poggio Bbaranèllo - Il Sole Bacia I Belli (LIMITED EDITION)

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Il Sole Bacia I Belli 

"Il sole bacia i belli" is an Italian saying that means: "the sun kisses the beautiful". So even though the sunlight might bother you, be happy, the sun finds you beautiful and wants to love you with its light!

That's what this beautiful Italian petnat is about: Sun, love, optimism and joy.

It is also the title of one of Charles Bukowski's masterpieces.
The book collects the best journalistic (and non-journalistic) pieces in which Bukowski's living voice talks about himself. Beginning with that very first interview, conducted fifty years ago in one of his proverbial, malodorous Hollywood rooms, and ending with his last talk, granted poolside at his San Pedro mansion a few months before he died.

But more about the wine now: many winemakers are born into families of winemakers, others choose the profession out of passion. In Silvia Pragliola's case, as with books, music or food, it conquered her little by little. It all started when she was 24 years old and went to lunch with colleagues at the office and, to escape the routine, went into a supermarket and studied the wines there. Then she started buying wine in specialty stores and finally decided to take a course in sommelier that changed her life. Not only because she has since taken up a new profession, but also because it was there that she met her current (business) partner Lisa Gentili. The Poggio Bbaranèllo adventure, although very recent, has much to tell. Under the slogan "Wine growers against the wind," it presents itself as a young, ecological and family project, of all women, in northern Lazio. Among the references we find this Petnat Metodo Ancestrale, an ancestral sparkling wine going back to ancient atavistic traditions, which they honor under the number 507 for the number of bottles of ancestral method obtained in their first vintage, 2019. This wine is made from the trebbiano variety planted on volcanic soil near Montefiascone, behind Lake Bolsena, 113 km from Rome (Italy). One works organically without the use of chemicals and makes agronomic decisions that include organic and/or biodynamic practices. The grapes are harvested by hand early in the morning and immediately brought to the winery to keep them intact. The wine is fermented for 12 days in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts and when the sugar content reaches 2.5 g/l, it is bottled, without filtering or clarification, to begin traditional re-fermentation. It stays there for 10 months, where it undergoes natural stabilization at 0 degrees and is then desorbed.

Result is this Petnat Metodo Ancestrale, a craft sparkling wine with solid roots in tradition, which has the capacity and the will to tell the story of an area, Lazio, in a direct and transparent way. A funky sparkling wine born of passion and love. Our most popular petnat in the webshop and now with a special label to honour the winemakers, the grapes, and the sun :-)

Let the sun into your hearts and enjoy all that nature has to offer us.