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Grandbois - Hip Hopfen (PETNAT)

Grandbois - Hip Hopfen (PETNAT)

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The winemakers of Grandbois moved to the Moselle Valley in 2018 and settled in Maring-Noviand, a dream village to raise their family and some beautiful natura wines.

They have been producing wines since 2021, but they also work with wonderful friends to create joint wines and vermouths.

They focus on making wines that tell a great story. The story of the vintage and their philosophies and guiding principles.

Tanja and Philippe Grandbois met in the vineyards of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Tanja (German) is an experienced cook, marketer and wine specialist. Philippe (Canadian) is an accomplished restaurateur, sommelier, bartender and also an excellent liquid marketer.

When they moved to the Moselle, they found themselves in the midst of many communities. They loved the place and managed 4 different vineyards along the Moselle. Their wine is determined by a great philosophy: Naturally farmed, spontaneously fermented and low in sulfur or sulfur free.µ

"Our philosophy is to let nature be our guide. We understand that great winemaking takes time. We work together and create wines that tell a story."
Tanja & Philippe Grandbois

Hip Hopfen is a curious combination of cascade hops and maringer sonneuhr kabinett Riesling. For the adventurous wine drinker and the curious beer drinker alike.