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END OF YEAR BOX 2022 - 6 Bottles

END OF YEAR BOX 2022 - 6 Bottles

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Ready to end 2022 with a bang? 

But are you still in desperate need of wine for your Christmas- or New Year's Eve party?

Or you still don't know what to get your dearest family member for christmas?

Well .. we've got you covered! We've selected some top notch natural wines that will have people beggin for more!

This year's 6 bottle line-up: 

  1. Noita - Riesling (ORANGE)
  2. Poggio Bbaranèllo - Metodo Ancestrale (PETNAT) - Green Stripes Edition 2021
  3. Josep I Pau - Una Volta (PETNAT)
  4. Vino Di Anna - Palmentino (RED)
  5. Palomino - El Pinto (WHITE)
  6. Giovanni Menti - Roncaie Sui Lieviti (PETNAT)


Some PETNAT's to sparkle up your festivities during that apero moment. A delicious Red wine of the highest quality. A funky orange Riesling with only 36 hours of skin contact and an easy going white wine, with enough body to pair with your christmas dinners. Perfectly suited for fish and for meat. Or just some nice red wine sips to relax yourself during a stressfull cooking session for the entire family! 

We hope you'll enjoy!