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Domaine J. Cecillon - Cidre Nerios 2018

Domaine J. Cecillon - Cidre Nerios 2018

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A cider from northern Brittany, made by a producer who works according to ancient traditions with respect for the land and nature. The apples come from their own orchard and are harvested by hand. For the Nerios, bittersweet apples are used from an orchard located on the south with a soil of loam and granite. The standard trees here are less densely planted and there is tall grass between them, which promotes biodiversity. An organic amber colored Cider, naturally carbonated and with no added sulfites.

What 's in it?

  • persistent sweet notes,
  • orange peel,
  • ashy
  • floral in the nose.

What does it taste like?

  • dry
  • sour
  • yeasty

An IPA beer-like taste, sour with subtle fruit like sour apple with a tannin rich aftertaste. A little oxidative with a medium finish.

Pairs well with:

  • mild blue cheese and goat cheese
  • mussels
  • seafood
  • (cured) pork or salt meat
  • spare ribs
  • dishes that incorporate fruit