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My first experience with a natural wine was kind of bizarre. It was a glass on a terrace of a small natural wine cafe in the city of Leuven. It tasted so different and so I had the immediate reflex to think that it must be really bad... But unknown is unloved. When, not much later, I accidentally drank another natural wine, I suddenly became very enthusiastic. I bought a few bottles, started looking up and reading about it and suddenly I was hooked.

Of course, as it is the case with all wines, there are also some poorly made among them. And taste is still something subjective. But I can promise you that if you are open to it you will not be disappointed. 

After having tasted and analyzed more than hundreds of bottles, we thought it would be a nice idea to offer ,from time to time, a package of 3 (or in the future more) exceptional natural wines with a nice story but above all with a special and delicious taste.

And so SELECTORS was born.