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Our Story


Wine is probably the most chosen product when you ask people what they think of when they have to think of a "natural made" product. They think of roguish men and women stomping grapes with their feet in those big oaky barrels. Unfortunately, when we look at regular supermarket wines, the reality is quite different today... For the vast majority of those conventional wines, little or no hands (or feet 😋) are involved in the production process.

The intent of "Natural wine" is to first and foremost put the grape back in the leading role it deserves. The winemakers will try to add as little as possible during the winemaking process but also to take as little away as possible.The use of chemicals, non-native yeasts and pesticides is obviously out of the question. They also try to use as few sulfites as possible. Not surprisingly, "minimal intervention" wine is one of the many synonyms for natural wine. With minimal interventions, they want to let the wine and not the winemaker do the talking.
The natural winemakers are also convinced that the presence of diversity in the vineyard results in the best taste for the grapes. Think of wild flowers & herbs but also the presence of animals such as little pigs. This creates a hotspot of life where the fauna and flora help the winemakers control disease and pests. This way, instead of having a negative impact on the environment, they try to make a positive contribution. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that most natural winemakers are independent, creative and socially engaged people. Not infrequently, a portion of the proceeds will go to charities or non-profit organizations that are close to their hearts.

It may well be that your first experience with natural wine is not an immediate hit. You can't compare the taste of Natural Wine with regular wine. It takes some time and a lot of tasting. But I can guarantee you: once you get the hang of it, you will never want anything else.