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Nibiru - Grundstein Riesling

Nibiru - Grundstein Riesling - natural wines with a story
Josef Schenter and Julia Nather present their collaborative wines under the name NIBIRU. NIBIRU is according to sumerian writing the name of a planet that wonders trough our solar system only every 3.600 years. It is the only planet that wonders the other way around the sun opposing to the rest of our planets. It is a name that appealed to them right away, because it reflects their philosophy and the style of their wines.

WINES THAT ARE WILLFULL AND DETERMINED TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN DIRECTION. One principle of Josef and Julia is honesty. All their wines are treated with spontaneous fermentation, without finings nor supplements. Also the usage of sulphur is reduced to the minimum. The wines are mostly binned in old oak barrels until they are bottled unfiltered and sealed with a natural cork. This one is a textured and aromatic Riesling that is the product of a single barrel, meaning only 600 ! bottles were made. A true small production wine, so we are glad that we can offer it in our SELECTORS TWO. The idea of the wines Nibiru make under the Grundstein label is that they are uncomplicated, honest and down to earth; Grundstein translating as 'groundwork', or in other words, setting the precedent.This Riesling has a good amount of tension to its acidity thanks to the rocky soils the vines are planted over, and a nice herbal lilt to the aromatics. We love the pure notes of lime and passionfruit as well as the underlying minerality. Fresh, clean and long. We can enjoy this one everyday.