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Christoph Hoch - Rosé Rurale

Natural wines with a story - Rosé Rurale - Christop Hoch
Christoph Hoch is a young Austrian winemaker in the Kremstal. He started out in 2009 at his parent’s winery, making wine in a traditional style and he got bored. The schedule was too set for him. So he started experimenting and split from his parent’s weingut in 2013. He has 5 hectares from his family spread throughout four different vineyards, all in the town of Hollenburg.Throughout all of Christoph’s vineyards, you find a mix of mustard, rye, and phacelia. He considers all of his parcels by four categories: dry, chalky, nutrient rich, or holds water. Depending on the category, he will plant the herbs and grains accordingly. Mustard brings sulfur to the soil, which protects the plants and transfers it naturally to the wines, so that he can use as little as possible at bottling. Rye brings carbon to the soil. He knocks it down after it has grown and it creates a natural humus. The carbon from the rye works with the phacelia and creates nitrogen. As of 2015, the wines are certified organic and biodynamic. This "Rose Rurale" is a light sparkling rosé made with Zweigelt and St. Laurent grapes and with the Champagne method but, instead of adding yeast and sugar to start the second fermantation in the bottle, grape must is added. The fresh herbal natural bubbly wine is filled with nice minerality with a hint of wild strawberries as well as rosemary. And what a beautiful dark shimmering colour, the nose almost reminds us of Burgundy - enticing and forest-like in its aromas. Then, on the palate, a vibrancy and zestiness appears that you weren't expecting. Incredibly complex but incrediby delicious. Ideal as an aperitif but certainly also tasty with a nice cheese plate or with some spicy asiatic food.